Surrounded by the best in urban culture and lifestyle. Founded in London based in both London and Hong Kong. Two of the best Urban Cities in the world.

Realising that the pressures of urban life, work, and time inhibited us from living an adventurous holistic life. Our idea began initially with a few friends deciding to make the most out of one of the best Cities in the world, followed by regular travelling and fitness.

Soon realising we needed accessories and apparel that also fit into our professional daily lives and our new commitment to do more. We found many products on the high streets did not resonate with us. They were either not designed with an urban audience in mind, or they were just unnecessarily expensive.

Riseicon: Without Compromise
  • Premium Brand focused on innovative accessories and elegant functional apparel, designed for the modern urban Lifestyle.
  • We create beautiful, intuitive products that meet modern accessory and apparel needs. Without compromise, creating a unique Fusion design.
  • Focusing on bridging the gap between premium luxury at affordable prices.
  • Creating extraordinary products for enhancing an active adventurous modern lifestyle. Affordably priced. Style and quality should not be out of reach
  • Developing premium functional accessories appropriate for everyday use in the city as well as more thrilling explorations. Supplemented by urban classics, stylishly suitable anytime, be it traveling, gym or casual settings. Designed for multiuse to take the user from work to training to adventuring.
  • At Riseicon we aim to grow a strong global community through sharing and helping, events and social engagement, for people interested in a holistic fulfilling lifestyle, health, fitness, travelling, recreation and premium products.
Our Mission

 “For the adventurous spirit, the inquisitive child in us all. Release your inner explorer”

  • To discover a balanced holistic lifestyle. Never the status quo. Active healthy life with sports and hobbies, fitness, nutrition and travelling supported by like-minded global community.
  • To encourage people to regularly dress well, be stylishly and practically accessorized, actively stay healthy. Travel as often as possible. Eat in a new place, do activity, learn a hobby, see the sights, and be adventurous.
  • Help people discover new, activities and sports. Traveling to new destinations even in a short time period, to bring about a balance between living, working, adventuring, and health. Reset from the usual grind and do something regularly to maximize life.

    “Discover, learn, play, move and repeat.”

  • Motivate to be more than we are currently. Tweak a lifestyle to incorporate, healthy exciting activities regularly.
  • Travel for a reason. Explore with purpose. You won’t discover if you don’t explore. We only live once.
  • Develop products with acute attention to detail and quality that can survive any adventure. Elegantly functional. Premium style that is practical but famously affordable.
  • Develop products and services that are designed to enhance the journey. To make it amazing. Bridge the gap and offer premium products and services at affordable prices.
  • Focusing to source and develop products which are innovative, creative and premium. Aiming for sleek urban fusion minimalist designs, tested and reviewed. With a sense of class, exclusivity and unique designs.
  • Produce inspirational content, educational guidance and support, building a community. Aiming to achieve synergy between, mind, body, activity and exploration. In the modern work life balance.
The problem & soultion

In the UK and many part of the world, increasing number of people are focusing on health, fitness and travel. However, a large population aspire but do not, frequently, explore the outdoors, travel or actively discover what is available in our vicinity. Due to hectic work, lack of like-minded community, environment and weather.

Human beings have an innate need to be different, social and adventurous. But there are many in urban areas only doing daily routines, going to work and coming home. Struggling to stay healthy due to lack of time and motivation to implement a positive change, whether it is fitness or other activities. Knowing we should remain fit and healthy. Unsure of what to eat, apparel and accessories to buy. Disappointed by products that are substandard, not really style focused or too excessively priced. Overwhelmed by conflicting, confusing and impractical information. Various Social media channels and websites exist but with only specific fitness advice neglecting a holistic approach. An anxiety felt by us and many more.

Our aim is to change this. Encouraging people to enrich their lives by, regularly, incorporating outdoors related activities, travelling, general sports and fitness. Also to get out in the city, enjoy evenings, do various leisure activities and healthy eating. Promoting a holistic healthy lifestyle. Motivate people to make the most of what’s available locally and venture further visiting new destinations around the world. To achieve a life well lived. Not to settle for the average and mundane.

Utilising our products to enhance and enjoy their cross-sector activities. Supporting the journey with premium, stylishly practical ready to go accessories and looking sleek with our apparel range. All of which easily fit into urban work life.

Why we do it


Limitless Inspiration Fearlessly Explored

“Live your Dream Not Dream to live”

To inspire the adventurer in us all. Discover amazing new activities together and share an adventurous active lifestyle.

We believe people are the best version of themselves when we are outdoors, active and social. Life should be full of various experiences, from meeting new people in a simple coffee shop to trail blazing across adventurous peaks.

We exist to make your experiences and exploration easier, practical and enjoyable.

Share our insatiable spirit of not being average. To live beyond our imagination.

For progressive can do individuals living around the world, obsessed with the small details but focused on the bigger picture. Seeing everyday as a new adventure.

To live without regrets. Rebellious at heart, moderately in life.

Riseicon Products

Aesthetically modern. Simple. Sophisticated. Practical. Premium materials and finish. Products that are innovative in design

To have an holistic active life, you need to be fit and healthy. So healthy eating, endurance and strength training is important to live life fully. Our products are designed to compliment the needs of the modern lifestyle with a strong focus on functional luxury.


Riseicon Accessories:

  • Premium and innovation
  • Accessory items are multi-purpose or activity specific
  • Designed to be minimalist, sleek and practical

Riseicon Clothing:

  • Urban Classics: Sleek design and multi-use
  • Fitness & outdoor: clothing which are sleek, attractive have multi-use in an active setting and be totally fashionable in casual setting. Practical clothing and accessories which are stylish. Elegantly functional with our FUSION design.

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