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Once a upon a time

“Live your Dream ✪ Not Dream to live””

We exist to make your adventures enjoyable, easier and practical.


Realizing that the pressures of urban life, work, and time inhibited us from living an adventurous holistic life. Our idea began initially with a few friends deciding to make the most out of one of the Best Cities in the world, London, plus incorporate regular traveling and fitness.

We needed accessories and apparel that also fit into our professional and daily lives, to help us with our new commitment to do more.

However we found many products on the high streets did not resonate with us. They were either too focused on fashion design or too ugly focused only on function.

February 2017 Riseicon Designs was born and we set out to create our own products. 

Designed for progressive can-do individuals, obsessed with the small details but focused on the bigger picture. Seeing every day as a new adventure.

“Functional Style”

“World is our Playground and the City is our Home”

We believe in a Balanced holistic approach to living which must include at the core:

  • Traveling with a purpose to discover the true beauty of a destination
  • Recording memories and documenting experiences
  • Discover your city alongside seeing the world
  • Be Rebellious yet considerate – But never average
  • Play hard and fun to recharge to tackle urban life
  • Focus on health both body and mind
  • Charity and giving back as doing things for others is truly the ultimate way to achieve fulfillment.


Discover Unlimited Beauty

OUR Mission:

“Life without memorable experiences is a life not lived”

Our mission is to inspire the adventurer in us all. Discover our passions and share an adventurous active lifestyle.

We exist to make your exploration and discovery easier, practical and enjoyable.

Together, we find ways to enrich who we are by creating memories through experiences, fulfilling activities, traveling, mental and physical wellness.

Build a community of go-getters. So together we can learn and create a life of meaning and LEGACY.


“To help you Live without regrets”

To design innovative premium products to complement the needs of the modern lifestyle, and focus on functional luxury.

  • Products you can depend on as you explore and build memories.
  • To empower men and women to live a holistic life. A life with no regrets. Full of meaning, discovery, influence, and impact.
  • To help you aspire to be an Icon. As every person is a pillar to those he or she loves and the world around them

Why we started riseicon

Want to learn more about why we started Riseicon Designs?

Functional Luxury


HD Audio

Icon s800 Earphones

Founding Team

We are a small team with big ideas

Afzol Ali

The Believer

Creative Director and Founder

Foysol Ali

The Explorer

Sales and Operations

Zavvy The Bavvy


Moral Guru

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