What we Believe

We believe people are amazing and diverse, not slumped into one category. We are humans, we hope, we dream, we aspire.

We all have various interests and live daily life with many things we need to do. Some we things we love some things we tolerate the rest we ignore.

We live and function in the modern fast-paced world, but we are truly alive when we are outdoors, experiencing the world around us, meeting new people, and giving back to others.

We believe people are the best version of themselves when we are outdoors, active and social. Life should be full of various experiences, from meeting new people in a simple coffee shop to trailblazing across adventurous peaks.

We believe in Balanced holistic approach to living which should include at the core:

  • Travel with a purpose to discover the true beauty of a destination
  • Recording memories and documenting experiences
  • Be Rebellious yet considerate
  • Have fun to recharge back to urban life
  • Wellness both fitness and health
  • Charity and giving back – doing things for others is truly the ultimate way to achieve fulfillment.

“World is our Playground and the City is our Home”


Our aim is to inspire the adventurer in us all. Discover amazing new activities together and share an adventurous active lifestyle. We exist to make your experiences and exploration easier, practical and enjoyable.

Together, discovering ways to enrich who we are by creating memories through experiences. Fulfilling activities, traveling, mental and physical wellness and giving back.

Most brands favor either design over function or function over design At Riseicon, We believe a loved product can be both premium and functional. A design philosophy we aim to have in most of our products.


Riseicon Designs must help you be confident about yourself. Through Style, mental and physical wellness. Products you can depend on as you explore and build memories. Helping you to create a life of meaning and LEGACY

“Life without memorable experiences is not a life lived”

Our Purpose:

To design innovative premium products to complement the needs of the modern lifestyle, and focus on functional luxury.

  • To empower men and women to live a holistic life
  • Provide premium products at affordable prices for those who work hard and play even harder
  • To motivate people to maximize life through Travel, fitness, mindset and giving back (charity)
  • Live a life of no regrets. Full of meaning, discovery, influence, and impact. Aspiring to be an Icon.
  • Every person is a pillar to those he or she loves and the world around them

“To help you Live without regrets”

Our Message

  • Rise and challenge yourself
  • Do not slow down or doubt
  • Travel with Purpose
  • Achieving the impossible is the only aspiration
  • Never register in the mind the meaning of impossible
  • Life is a game of chess: Become a tactician; Evolve, adapt, maneuver, experience and succeed
  • Bring value and help others, as it is the ultimate fulfillment

Limitless Inspiration Fearlessly Explored

From darkness to light

From the shadows I Rise

To live life on my terms

I am the Legacy of an Icon

Are you a believer?

Then Join us and help us discover what is possible.