Control a DSLR with a Smartphone ! How?

You might be a photographer planning a new project or a videographer who’s creating a piece. Either of the two, the new technology that lets you control a DSLR Camera is surely a great one to use. This DSLR Controller App would make your photography or videography experience more easy and convenient. Though there have been many applications now widely available, the DSLR Controller (BETA) from Chainfire is the favourite and considered to be the first and complete  application.

Getting to know about

So what was this DSLR controller App for? It lets users enjoy and expand their DSLR experience by enabling it to control with an Android device like a mobile phone. The amazing photography functions can now be controlled only by a tap. It’s like your smartphone turned into something more useful. Forget carrying bulky equipment like DSLR camera and lens around as you stroll to capture those moving subjects. Also, the convenience of letting you edit or experiment with different themes or effects just by the use of your fingers in a handy monitor/gadget is truly an advantage.

It takes only 2

It takes only two steps to have this DSLR Controller on your mobile phone.  Here’s how,

  1. Find the compatible DSLR controller with your device. Have the suitable version installed to your phone or tablet to start off. To know more about device compatibility, click here
  2. Get a USB cable that would connect your Android phone or tablet to your DSLR camera.

If everything would turn flawless, the DSLR Controller App launches and quickly shows the viewfinder feature. The rest of the wonderful DLSR functions can also be found, the then only exclusive features in these multi purpose cameras are now present and operational on your handy mobile device.

How does it work?

You might think if this App really lets you enjoy DSLR features on your Android device. The answer is definitely Yes. Do capture an image,  record a video or stop/pause, according to your use. Enjoy the live view of what your camera sees on your smartphone or tablets for bigger resolution. Organize or adjust Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO like you do with your camera. Other adjustments are also applicable and can be recognized with your Camera’s model capability.

Wait, are you two compatible?

The art of compatibility is important upon using this DSLR Controller App. As stated in the two steps, your Android device should be matched to the App. This means that not all Android devices such as smartphones and tablets could go well with this amazing app. So be careful and we advise for you to take time reading compatibility charts. Many have tried this App version from Chainfire successfully on Canon EOS Camera but little we know about those cameras from Nikon and other brands.

Closing with Cables

Regarding the USB Cable or OTG (On-The-Go Cable), no need to worry as this is very cheap and could easily be found on the web. Cables included with EOS Cameras have been useful and worked for some. But like with the devices, cables might work and might not unfortunately.