Admit it, the name GoPro sets the standard today for action cameras. It’s not only selfie lovers that get addicted to capturing and sharing their #OOTDs thanks to selfie cameras. There’s also the adrenaline junkies that seek once in a lifetime escapade and keep their memories recorded. A camera to document your extreme activities now go with the trend. A camera matched to cover and let others see your world. This is what the GoPro HERO4 is made of. In whatever kind of adventure, from the splashing waves to the rocketing skyscrapers, surely a GoPro HERO4 would not ruin your treasured experience.

How did it Go?

Before digging into the details, let’s have first a glimpse of history. The GoPro line introduces versatile cameras for different purposes. Starting off with the Hero model, the called perfect entry level GoPro marked something new against its competitors. Offering a photographic instrument with amazing features in matchbox-sized and lightweight package versus other brands, the start-off GoPro Hero camera undeniably made a name.

Following the flagship camera, models such as HERO3 and HERO3+ sustained the line with additional features, improved settings and numbers. The HERO3 carry on the 1080p30 capability, 5MP image quality and other features while adding the built-in Wi-Fi and ultra wide-angle lens details. With the improved version of the former, the HERO3+ still the waterproof efficiency remains at 131′ (40m) and other mentioned figures, making the frames per second enhanced from 3 maximizing it to 10. Of course, this laid information doesn’t fully entail the past models since you may want to know more about the specifications and the differences in between, click here

Welcoming the GoPro HERO4

Just a disclaimer, this 4th installment of the GoPro series is available in two versions, the black and silver. These 2 not only differ in colors, but also with its capabilities. It might be an argument which one is better, but one thing is sure. They were both intended to be distinct for particular uses and taste. At large, some find the black better for its wonderful features (coming in the next paragraph) since the silver twin brags something different.

Black looks good

Now, given those essential numbers, surely the question leads to what should be expected from the HERO4. Let’s begin with, its ‘something new’. The HERO4 Black put the GoPro line on top by expanding the video resolution to extremely advanced 4K Ultra HD, available to pair with 30, 25 and 24 frames per second. Take note this doesn’t mean you can’t go shoot for lower resolution like 1080p video but this outstanding 4K post the highest. That only is awesome, but no we’re not done yet. There’s also the boosting liquid-smooth slow motion feature that could go up to 240 fps, allowing you to forget those lags and irritating cuts.

But still, there’s that silver twin

Those revealed specifics were found to fit in the Black Edition. And what about the Silver Twin? Unlike its black counterpart, this one has an LCD screen that serves as your viewfinder, placed on the back. Perfectly handy in lining up shots and reviewing footages. This LCD screen gives the HERO4 Silver an edge compare to the black edition. With regards to its processor and video resolution, the Silver slightly slides down in those aspects.

Now take a look

Jumping into its look, keeping the mini and handy size, some of the tiny parts of this GoPro HERO4 camera were moved in certain places. Microphones are now found on the top and side, wrench (button for settings) sits on the opposite side of the mic  and the battery is uniquely found at the bottom (yes, not on the back anymore) in a sliding opening form. Oops, before I forgot, the battery for this HERO4 version (both for the 2 colours) is now different from other previous models, so sad to say you need a new spare one since batteries from HERO3 or HERO3+ won’t be compatible anymore.

Anything else?

Another thing, the GoPro HERO4, both the Black and Silver Edition were made to have a good quality audio. The two also comes in a more different package so this means previous models’ housing would not be compatible with these. Editions such as Standard, Surf and Music are both available options for the two.